Honorable guest of ULE “The Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global”

On July 3, 2019 at office of ULE “The Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global” held a meeting with a mission from FAO of the UN (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).

The FAO of the UN in Kazakhstan works the second year and already brings the powerful contribution in sustainable development of agriculture of our country.

Our guests: Dr. Soumiter S. Broca, the senior employee on policy issues Subregional office for CA;
E. Gyukher Cheltek Sungur, the employee on support and monitoring of implementation of programs on places;
Chynar Yavuz, the specialist in operational and reporting questions of the Subregional distance of FAO for the countries of CA;
Mahmoud Shaumarov, regional coordinator of the CA Initiative of the Countries program for management of land resources; Zhanyl Bozayeva, consultant for program questions of the Liaison Bureau and partnership of FAO in RK.

The mission presented the Regional project “Integrated Management of Natural Resources on Agricultural Landscapes of Central Asia and Turkey” of FAO/GEF. The term of implementation of the project in Kazakhstan 2019-2022.

The purpose of the project to create demonstration and further introduction the practician of climatic optimized agriculture and also implementation of innovative technologies in a subject drought and to salinization of agricultural grounds of the country that will promote in implementation of the Convention of the UN on Fight against desertification (KBO UN) and the Framework Convention on Climate Change (RCCC).

And the most important, the Coalition presentation for green economy and development of G-Global about the implemented projects on green economy, is completely correlated with tasks of this project! Let’s be hopes for cooperation and partnership with FAO!

author Rakhimbekova S.T.

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