“Green” week and the Coca-Cola belestery project in Sandyktausky district of the Akmola region

The regional center of Sandyktausky district of the Akmola region was the third settlement of carrying out Week of green economy. On May 29, 2019 at 11 o’clock in the morning at the hall of a meeting of regional akimat there were more than 50 women from the village of Balkashino and nearby villages from category idle and self-employed. Also members of council of mothers, mass media were invited. Also were present the head of department of domestic policy of Sandyktausky district Makrasheva M. who was a coordinator of an action, representatives of RPP “Atameken” of the area, Council of business women.

The mayor of Sandyktausky district – Uisimbayev Askerbek Sjezbekovich presided and held a seminar. After the opening speech he gave the floor to Rakhimbekova Saltanat Temirkulovna, the chairman of the board of ULE “The Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global”, the chairman of Public council concerning fuel and energy complex and ecology at the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She told about how the “green” technology countrywide what modern technologies and methods of cultivation of the environmentally friendly products necessary for the population are available on a substantial scale develops to grow the healthy nation. Told about the created Centers of green technologies about the country, in particular and in the Akmola region in the village Arnasay. And there is a lot more interesting.

The following speaker a seminar training Askarova Lyazyat Kazhitayevna, the executive director acted as ULE “Agrarian Union of Women of Kazakhstan” created following the results of the First forum of rural women. She told about the special social project “Coca-Cola belestery”, the main subject of her performance “Support of needy and jobless women through training in bases of business and to “green” technologies of business”.

Big support was given us by Council of business women of National chamber of businessmen of Atameken of the Akmola region under the direction of Kusain Gulmira Kydyrmanovna. She told about state programs of support of business, urged women not to be afraid to begin the business. Her performance was taken by her girlfriends – the member of council of business women – Dzhumabekova Zhanargul Zhasulanovna, Abutalipova Shynar Chapayevna, Shuatayeva Tolesh Ramazanyzy, Sagandykova Karlygash Bekezhanovna, Ekhlakova Svetlaa Nikolaevna!

At a seminar there was Karabulatova Victoria – the individual entrepreneur of Karabulatov, the winner of the special project “Coca-Cola belestery” as which suggested to act too.

In completion of an action the akim of the area poderknut that the seminar was for all useful, in particular for that category of women which is in job searches and plans to open own business. Today around 83.5% of subjects of small medium business women (582 people) head. For example, in the area there are successful women of the businesswoman who started the business from scratch is Dokayeva Tamara Visayevna, Tambovtseva Natalya Viktorovna, Schmidt Maria Andreevna, Fiziyeva Tamara Pashayevna and many others.

Askerbek Sjezbekovich expressed gratitude to organizers and speakers of a seminar for useful information and hopes that ranks of businesswomen of Sandyktausky district will be joined.

On behalf of organizers we express separate gratitude to the mayor of Sandyktausky district Askerbek Sjezbekovich Uisimbayev!

We wish all of them good luck!

author Zhakupova G.T.

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