Global Campaign “KNOW YOUR GOALS.” September 8 – GOAL 1. Eradication of poverty

Dear friends! 1 day 

Global “Know Your Goals” campaign organized by the Open School of Sustainable Development

We invite everyone to join this campaign. And today it is easy and accessible about the first goal “Poverty eradication.” The following are texts and links from school developers.

SDG 1 (September 8

Poverty and poverty are malnutrition, social exclusion and discrimination, limited access to education and other basic social services, and the inability to participate in decision-making. More than 700 million people now live in extreme poverty and have difficulty meeting the most basic needs – health, education and access to water and sanitation. Our country is no exception.

The world has a plan with 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which all countries intend to implement by 2030! Without each of us, we cannot defeat poverty!


The first of the Sustainable Development Goals is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere, to introduce social protection measures and equal rights to economic resources, and to increase people ‘s resilience to economic, social and environmental shocks

Each of us can help achieve this Goal. What can you do?

Examine the causes of poverty in your country and abroad. Find out how much the living wage is in your region
Share and make donations whenever possible. For example, hand over things you don ‘t need to social care centers.
Buy from companies that honestly pay people ‘s labor.
Take a responsible approach to savings, loans and investments.
Demand fair pay and opportunity for everyone.
Let us make sure that as many people as possible possess everything necessary for a prosperous life! Learn more about Goal 1 at @ openshkola Open School for Sustainable Development!






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