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To advance the Global Agenda for “Transforming Our World for a Sustainable World to 2030,” all detailed information on the website of the

WE expand UN capacity on SDGs
WE Empower Challenge is a global business competition for women entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs who advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and inspire entire communities to create the world we want by 2030.

Five medalists from around the world are selected to get a paid trip to New York, N.Y., during UN Global Goals Week (September 18-27, 2020) to take part in high-profile events with UN officials and take part in a series of specialized trainings from leading and supporting partners.

How to submit the application
Applications open on March 4, 2020. Applications are accepted until April 15, 2020.

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Complete the application (you can keep your progress)
Attach your 2-minute video
To submit the application candidates must complete and submit an online application that includes a two-minute video. The online application process can take up to one hour.

Any incomplete applications or applications received after April 15, 2020 will not be considered. Applications submitted without a two-minute video will not be considered.

Requirements to candidates
WE Empower Challenge is a global business competition for women entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs who advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals and inspire entire communities to create the world we want by 2030.

To be eligible for this contest, candidates must meet all of the following criteria. Finalists will have to provide proof of sales (i.e. tax returns and/or audited financial statements).

  • I am a female entrepreneur with the ability to make decisions in a business or organization.
  • My business/organization has been running for more than three years.
  • At least three full-time employees (or full-time)
  • My business/organization generates at least $100,000 in annual revenue or revenue
  • I speak oral and written English.
  • I ‘m at least 21 years old
  • I can travel to New York from September 18 to September 27, 2020

Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of a variety of factors, including the following considerations.

  • Opportunity to commit to all week in personal program – no exceptions.
  • Willingness to help shape a public dialogue about the advancement of women and SDGs in their region and use the influence needed to do so.
  • Should be able to get a visa to the United States.
    Applicants with more than one business or organization complete an application regarding the business/organization you would like to focus on during this Global Challenge opportunity if you are selected to participate in the program.

What to expect
Applicants must respond to basic identification information about themselves, their business and their main country of business. – Applicants must indicate which region of the world they are in from the following regions:

  • Europe and North America
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan
  • Pacific Rim
  • Latin America and the Caribbean

The app requires answers about how your work relates to the UN ‘s sustainable development goals and your vision for a sustainable future.

The app will ask you how you will promote gender equality in your work.

Candidates will be asked to answer several security questions, provide social media profile information (if applicable) and agree to the terms in the bid form.

Finally, applicants must submit a two-minute video using the following recommendations.

Technical characteristics of video
Please submit a short video of yourself (two minutes maximum) with the information and answers to the questions listed below in English.

When developing your response, please remember that the quality of your video pays less attention to the quality of your response. If desired, you can make a short video using your smartphone.

What to answer in your video

  • Enter your full name (first and last name)
  • Specify your organization name and position
  • Specify the name of the country where your business is located
  • What is your organization ‘s mission?
  • What do you hope to achieve if you are chosen to participate in the final of this competition?
  • What is your impact on the UN SDGs?

How To Send Your Video

  • Video attachments can be posted on a video site such as YouTube or Vimeo
  • You can also download a video file on the application platform.
  • File size must not exceed 20 MB
  • Preferred file types are .MP4, .MOV, and .WMV.
  • Please do not upload additional video content from your video as judges will not review it. The written component of your record must be fully explained in the form fields provided.

Material prepared by Lyazat Askarova

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