Forum of Rural Women took place in Taldykorgan

On July 4 in “Saltanat Sarayy” of the city of Taldykorgan about 200 rural women of Almaty region gathered. Among them and the business lady, the teacher, female akims of rural districts and heads of family farms.

The action began with plenary a meeting with participation of the deputy akim of the Acana area of Abdualiyeva. Opening a forum, he emphasized that women of the region are very active in business.

– We gathered today to discuss development of rural business, a task and the main areas of work and also interaction mechanisms with public authorities, representatives of business community and public institutes. In general, I want to note that in the area favorable conditions for business development in general and special women’s are created. For example, in the region of 42% of women carry on business. Over eighty thousand country farms are headed again by women. We in every possible way support your ideas and the initiatives, – Abdualiyev emphasized Akan.

Then about increase in welfare and quality of life in the village through development of women’s business and the Chairman of the board of OYuL “The Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global”, the member of organizing committee of a forum of rural women of Kazakhstan Saltanat Rakhimbekova informed on solutions of social problems.

– We started a forum with Zhetysu, not just like that. You have in the region many talented, successful businesswomen. We are very glad that today the delegation of their 19 areas gathered. Invited the best speakers and moderators to this forum. Our purpose, as much as possible to show what opportunities is in the area, for persons interested who want to create the business. It is pleasant to us that business in agriculture in your region is presented by woman’s faces. It is sure that at the Republican forum, representatives of delegation of your area will set an example to all Kazakhstan, – emphasized Saltanat Rakhimbekova.

During the forum, it became known that potential is available for the population, there is desire to work, only a problem always in financial means. Exactly here various credit institutes of the country can also help. So within support of business last year on the Bastau Business project over one thousand women are trained. From them today many already opened the business. For example, for the sum of 369.1 million tenges more than two hundred projects of women’s business are financed

Today there are enough really working instruments of support of enterprise activity including women. About them also carried on a conversation at a meeting. The forum collected not only acting business – вумен, but also the unemployed – potential businessmen.

According to Elena Ozhgo it is pleasant that from year to year in Kazakhstan the movement on development of women’s business spreads,

– Our project “Coca-Cola of Belesteri” on training of rural women in bases of business was one of the first in the republic. Often acting as inspiring force, being mentors and partners, we led step by step participants of our educational program to creation of small agricultural enterprises, receiving by them of income and economic stability of their families. In many respects thanks to the interested dialogue of the state, business and public organizations many perspective projects in the field of support of women’s business in the village are implemented today. It is necessary to use this potential effectively. And here this forum is intended to play the positive role. It is sure that the ideas developed during the forum and an initiative will enrich participants with the new ideas, will promote strengthening of the different directions of collaboration in the village, – Elena Ozhgo told.

The forum continued till the evening, business ladies did not lose minutes and got knowledge from professionals of the business. Master classes from winners “Coca-Cola a belester і” — the territory of success”, Denis Teng “Experience of the Center of green Ekoferma technologies and also trainings on “How to Attract and Motivate Employees”, “Modern Business Skills in Management”, “Available Program for Acquisition of Personal and Real Estate in the Village” and many other things.

Organization of the Parade “History of my success” which was opened by the winner of last year Zhanna Telpekbayeva, the director of private polytechnical college “Progress” of Iliysky district became traditional feature of a forum.

As participants emphasize, this day for them became very fruitful, they got acquainted with each other, found a lot of new information and got a practical advice.

– I was always connected with rural life. In the childhood – came to relatives, both already nearly 10 years itself also began to live in the aul. Worked in the capital earlier. Achieved success, became the member of the union of designers of Kazakhstan. Once we with the husband decided to move to rural areas as we wanted that children grew in work, breathed fresh air, ate the fresh ecological products which are grown up on the earth. And we are still not sorry about it. I for myself decided that if I do not find to myself work in the village, then I will create it. So we with the husband created the news portal. In my opinion the successful woman has to be successful in everything! We with the husband bring up nine children, seven of whom were pupils of orphanage earlier. Be not afraid to show an initiative, becoming that whom you do not want to be. Safely follow the dream which will lead you to well-planned, happy life once, – noted, the founder and the editor-in-chief of the news UZYN.KZ portal, the member of the union of journalists of Kazakhstan Alija Absemetova.

The action came to the end with summing up a forum and election of delegates of the second forum of rural women of Kazakhstan which will take place on November 7-8, 2019 in the city of Nur-Sultan.

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