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The Kazakh PhD Association in Great Britain, with the support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Great Britain, the British-Kazakh Community and the Foundation of the First President-Elbasa, holds the first Third Central Asian Scientific Forum on Sustainable Development and Innovation. And the Forum will be held in online format from April 13 to April 20, 2020.
It is a little history. The Forum is an initiative of the Kazakh PhD Association launched in 2018, aimed at strengthening the integration of science to implement the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and to improve the quality of life in Central Asia for present and future generations. Agree: a very ambitious program created by young Kazakhstan scientists together with Loughborough University.
This university is part of the ТОП-10 of British universities and has extensive experience in sustainable development projects, successfully collaborating with the governments of Great Britain and other countries, the business sector and industries within centers of excellence.
The Forum has two interrelated goals that are crucial to the sustainable development of the Central Asian region.
First, the Forum provides the platform for involvement of potential partners from public authorities and business structures to the advanced scientific projects of the Central Asian scientists directed to achievement of Goals of Sustainable Development of the UN (IMC) in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Secondly, the purpose of the forum is to bring together as many relevant stakeholders as possible:
Representatives of the state structures of Great Britain and Central Asia, including at the level of Ambassadors, who are responsible for the development and implementation of policies aimed at the realization of the economic and cultural potential of Central Asia;
Industry representatives, including venture capital, interested in the potential benefits of investment in Central Asia;
Both young and experienced scientists whose experience can be used as a bridge between the government and stakeholders in the industrial sector.
Preamble to the Forum. In September, 2015 the United Nations General Assembly, including representatives from Kazakhstan, signed the Agenda of the UN – 2030 about achievement of 17 global purposes on sustainable development by 2030.

The purposes on sustainable development are the action plan ̆ on improvement of quality of life of people ̆ and prosperity sew ̆ planets through elimination of global and local environmental, economic and social problems and formation of inclusive civil society where everyone ̆ the person will be able to realize the ̆ potential and to make a contribution to development of the ̆ the countries.
Based on this ̆ philosophies, since 2018 PhD students in Great Britain held four scientific Forums on ustoichivy development on the platforms of University College London, Loughborough Universiteta, Nazarbayev Universiteta and the International Financial Center “Astana” directed to improvement of life of the population of Kazakhstan and all Central Asian region, showing and offering real projects for achievement of IMC.
In previous forums, young scientists offered science-based and investment-attractive solutions on the development of chemical industry and renewable energy sources, ecotourism, rural industry, transport systems, processing of mining wastes, social and educational reforms.
In previous forums in the UK our partners and speakers were Erlan Idrissov – Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Great Britain, Michael Gifford – Ambassador of Great Britain to the Republic of Kazakhstan, Baroness Satti – Member of the House of Lords in the British Government, Richard Everitt – Director of the British Council for Education of Europe and Central Asia, Rector and pro-Rectors of Lafborough University, scientists of leading British universities, representatives of the Kazakh-British Community, Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, national companies, universities and scientific centers.

The organizers believe that despite the pandemic, we should not stop, but on the contrary look for new ideas for the development of our country/region and our Forum is an excellent dialogue platform where it is possible to discuss science-based and investment-attractive solutions for the development of industry, health care, education, digital technologies, gender equality and social reforms for further implementation in the Central Asian region.
Invitation from President of Kazakhstan PhD Association in Great Britain Aliya Sembayeva:
If you would like to address the Forum at a session or to organize your session, please send your proposals to
Forum 2020 will be held in a new ONLINE format from April 13 to April 20 from 15.00 – 17.00 (Nur-Sultan time). Each day there will be one session on a topic.
Draft of the program
ONLINE-FORMAT: All sessions will be held on the ZOOM platform. Connection links will be sent to pre-registered participants.

So, registration is already open and available at:
Information on previous forums is available:
Program of sessions and information on speakers on this link:
The material was prepared by Lyazat Askarova on the basis of the provided materials from the organizers.

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