«Expo&Women» invites to ASPARA Fashion Week in the city of Shymkent!

Dear friends! We, IO “Expo & Women” become a partner in hosting one of the most beautiful and expected events of 2018 in the fashion industry – this is ASPARA Fashion Week! This amazing event will be held in the beautiful megalopolis of Shymkent from 9 to 12 May. The initiator of the international fashion show is the famous Kazakh designer from the city of Taraz Aydarkhan Kaliyev, whose collections are conquered today by world podiums!


They confirmed their participation in the show of 24 leading designers from 22 countries. Here you can observe  first posters.

Together with couturier Aydarkhan Kaliyev we invite all connoisseurs of beauty and grace to come to Shymkent and take part in an unusually spectacular event and support Kazakhstan designers!

Ps: our friendship with our famous fashion designer Aydarkhan began in 2015, when he supported our first trip and participation of “Expo & Women” in the events of the world exhibition Milan Expo-2015!


Then we together in 2016 held an exhibition in Astana on the site of the SEC “Keruen” – the fair “Uly Dala Zharmenkessi”! Then Aydarkhan organized a luxurious collection of dresses and costumes from felt!


We are impressed that Aydarkhan promotes environmentally friendly fabrics in clothes – felt and silk! Today the designer Aydarkhan Kaliyev is a real ambassador of our country in the fashion world, propagandizing the beauty of Kazakh ornaments and ethnics, creating fascinating images in the synthesis of world fashion and elements of nomads’ costumes! We are waiting for an unusual holiday of beauty of costumes, dresses, outfits, as well as the opportunity to admire the skill of designers of the world!

Author: Saltanat Rakhimbekova

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