Exhibition of works of Leyla Ahmet Otman in Aktau – the beginning of the global project AlemEcoArt

EXPO & WOMEN International and our

branch the new Global project lemesoart “The world in your hands” on protection and preservation of fauna of Kazakhstan is let into Mangystau together with Lucky Turtle LLP

The project will be launched on November 17-20, 2019 in Aktau city

On November 17, an exhibition of works by Leila Ahmet Othman at the Caspian Riviera Grand Palace has already opened on Sunday, with which we congratulate our entire team

Leila is the Ambassador of our organization to the USA, where she has lived for almost 20 years, but we have the opportunity to communicate with her annually, as she considers Kazakhsta as her source of inspiration

And last year it was in Aktau that we began discussing the idea of this project when we held environmental actions, within the framework of which master classes of Leila Ahmet Othman and a competition of drawings of children, which reflect the theme of saving the Caspian seal were held

But here he began to acquire real outlines in the form of a basic Concept. Its name not accidentally sounds quite so lemesoart – in three languages because the Motto of the project: Creativity, business and children for planet ecology.

In the fact that in April of this year the International Center for Study and Rehabilitation of Caspian Seal was opened in Aktau, there is also our contribution. Now they are also our permanent partners in our project, including in the event taking place these days.

Another initiator of the project is the Ihlas Jurek Charitable Foundation, its leader is Anar Seydaliyeva.

Akimat of Mangistau region provides great support to us .In general, the implementation of the project owes much to Nasipkul Baidusenovna Seydaliyeva, who is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the ideological inspiration for the activities of the Branch of the Ministry of Defense “EXPO & WOMEN” in Mangistau region We also express our gratitude to Gulnara Zhunusova, Executive Director of Mangistau Branch and Mayre Zhunusova – for the preparation of this event

The developer of the Concept is Lyazat Askarov, Executive Director of “EXPO & WOMEN” MO.

In this publication I would like to note the organizers and sponsors:

Caspian Riviera Grand Palace Hotel
Karyertau LLP
DSK “Aktau”
ADZhK of Mangystau Region
Furniture Prestige salon
Alem-Arth studio
Art center “Martart”
Nazarbayev Intellectual School Mangistau
Institute of Hydrobiology and Ecology
So, some provisions of the Concept of the project lemesoart “World in your hands”//”ly Sep і ң olyda

The ideological inspiration of the project is the famous artist Leila Ahmet Othman, who is a bearer of special knowledge and the author of the trend Lucky Turtl

The developers of the Concept are the team of the International organization “Expo & Women”

Contents of the project

The concept of the Global What Art Movement “The World in Your Hands”//”ly Sep і ң a olyda” is directly connected with a legend of a surprising turtle on which armor there were 9 figures.

The organizers of the project linked these 9 numbers with 9 representatives of the fauna of Kazakhstan, requiring protection and preservation in order to preserve biodiversity and sustainable development of the ecosystem of the world Several versions of the Concept related to different countries and ecosystems of the world will be prepared

In Kazakhstan, all 9 digits are symbols of 9 different animals (1 – ant, 2 – swan, 3 – bee, 4 – flamingo, 5 – saigak/archar, 6 – red wolf, 7 – berkut, 8 – Caspian seal, 9 – snow bar/tiger), each of which will have its own philosophy, culture and mission

Purpose of the event in Aktau: Draw public attention to the topic of ecology and fauna conservation of different regions of Kazakhstan through active involvement of representatives of creative intellectuals, public figures, business and children and a wide range of the population

The action will be a part of the Global movement lemesoart “The world in your hands”//”ly Sep і ң a olyda”.

One of the main themes of this event will be the topic of the Caspian seal.

The aim is to promote awareness among the general public of the seal conservation measures being taken, to acquire satellite tags to explore 30 Caspian seals and study their migrations Active involvement of the population of Mangistau region in this project and the topic of protection of the Caspian seal

The program includes a number of events related to the work of Leila Ahmet Othman, as well as author ‘s master classes and cocurs of art works for pupils of orphanage and children ‘s art schools.

As a result of this and other competitions, electronic catalogs of children ‘s works will be created, which will be presented at various events, including on November 18 in Aktau during the official opening of the “World in Your Hands” Program.

At present, the project was further developed in Almaty, where events were organized for children related to the topic of snow bar and other representatives of fauna according to the Concept.

In the future, all children ‘s works will become the basis of future books, which will include children ‘s stories and other creative works according to the Project Concept.

From November 17 to November 21 of this year within the olyd given lemesoart “The world in your hands” carrying out a number of actions is planned.

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