Di Caprio gave his own $100 million to fight warming

Another publication on SDG 13, but already with personalities! Famous Leonardo DiCaprio

– The person is known to everyone, but as the authors of this article say, few people know that he has already in 24 years created a fund to save the planet and precisely to fight global warming. Read about it below.

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Over the years, climate change has had a radical impact on our planet. Though many do not think of it, it affects each aspect of our life, including weather, a harvest, the environment and wildlife, The Wild Child writes.
Human activity has also had an impact on climate change. The average surface temperature of the planet has increased since the 19th century, and this is the result of carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to people like Leonardo DiCaprio, however, the fight to save the world will continue


Leonardo is fighting climate change.
Everyone knows Leonardo as a wonderful actor and a beautiful man, but few know that he is one of the most ardent supporters of environmental protection. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) was founded back in 1998, when he was only 24 years old.

Since then, the foundation has supported more than 200 projects on each continent. He donated millions using his A-list status to draw attention to the plight of this world. The foundation recently celebrated its 20th anniversary by making a grand donation of $100 million.

Celebrating his 44th birthday and 20th anniversary of the foundation, the actor thanked the participants of his project. It was on this day that he announced a new $11 million donation to combat climate change, bringing his personal contribution to the LDF to $100 million.

The funds are expected to go to support those at the forefront of the fight against climate change in different parts of the world. The actor demonstrates consistency in private life as well. He uses only solar energy, eats vegan food and tries to protect the environment in every possible way.

In addition, the products that are served at these events are certified vegan as he is a vocal advocate of wildlife conservation

Combating climate change.
Even small changes in everyday habits can make a big difference to changing the situation. This includes recycling older materials, reducing energy consumption or finding a clean alternative, using LED lamps, using a reusable water bottle and reusable bags, and more.

It is also recommended to eliminate the use of paper and reduce the amount of waste in the workplace, to have your own cup for coffee and water instead of disposable cups, and to give preference to an electric vehicle.

Who but ourselves can protect our planet! What are you doing for it?






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