Challenge of the “Bilimdy El-Obrazovannaya Strana” “The teacher with love” newspapers were supported by Saltanat Rakhimbekova

On September 17, we organized the Forum of Rural Women of Pavlodar Region. And then Saltanat Temirkulovna Rakhimbekova, the Chairman of Presidium of OYuL “The Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global” announced readiness to support an action of the “Bilimdy El-Obrazovannaya Strana (Educated country)” newspaper which essence is in that by the Teachers’ Day to present to teachers or schools an annual subscription for this newspaper ! Cool idea, agree.

And here three schools in Pavlodar region were made such a gift. Read about it here p = 63267

But this is just the beginning. It was decided in each of the remaining 7 areas to continue this action. And now one of the schools of Mahambet district Atyrau region, where the forum took place on September 20, will receive the same gift.

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