Center of green technologies and Vyacheslav school was shown on chinese TV channel CGTN

Dear friends! We have very good news!

The GCTN TV channel is the International TV channel in Russian of the China Central Television (CCT). Its purpose is to strengthen mutual understanding, cooperation and exchange of opinions between China and the CIS countries and also other Russian-speaking countries and regions. The TV channel also intends to show modern China to Russian-speaking audience of the whole world and to transfer a voice of China.

And here a special correspondent of this TV channel in Kazakhstan Sayida Zharkinova become interested in “green projects” that are located in Arnasay village and we have invited them in the village Arnasay the day when children of school number 58 headed by the principal and a number of teachers became active guests. Now multimillion audience of GCTN is looking on how they has passed this day in the most “green” village of Kazakhstan. We invite  you to active visit us not only on information resources, but also in real time! If this subject is interesting to you and you want to visit our Center and school, then we are ready to organize for you such useful and very relevant action!

We are ready for cooperation!

Author: Lyazyat Askarova

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