Celia García-Baños – the coordinator of programs, the Center of policy and finance of IRENA, Abu Dhabi – speaker of the “Women in Science, Innovations, Business” session, was invited for participation in AEF-2019 thanks to our partner – UNDP ( UN programs of development).

Education of our speaker: the chemical engineer, she graduated from school of industrial engineering, the Technical university of Madrid. Master, water resources and environment engineer, Masdar Institut, UAE.

Before arrival to IRENA, Celia worked in the research center for steady bio-energetics at Masdar Institute, studying molecular and biochemical screening of deposits of mangrove trees in Abu Dhabi on availability of the enzymes destroying biomass. In department of policy of IRENA it works on a wide range of questions, including the subjects connected with assessment of policy and social and economic influence of renewables.

Among her publications: “Renewable energy: gender approach”, IRENA (2019).

Her performance at our session will be devoted to discussion of gender aspects in global power transformation. Agree that the power subject traditionally was considered as the sphere where mainly men work. Madam Celia Garcia-Banos will present you results of researches of the IRENA company, a little unexpected for us, who will confirm that the power system of the future gives us the chance to work in a different way. It means that women, their talent and abilities considerably will broaden the sector of renewables. It will be not only creation of new various jobs, but also a variety of labor at all levels always brings the essential accompanying benefits for the organizations in terms of growth, culture and stability.

Thus, this company does everything in order to make the gender representation and expansion of the rights and opportunities have to be, thus, a key pillar of transition to alternative energy sources as they give many advantages.

It is necessary to tell that by IRENA estimates, in 2017 in the world more than 500,000 new jobs, and the total number of the people occupied in the sphere of renewables were created (including large hydroelectric power stations), exceeds 10 million and will increase almost up to 29 million in 2050.

Transition to the renewed, distributed and low-carbon power system creates a number of social and economic advantages, including new jobs.

Women make about a half of mankind. Nevertheless, they are still insufficiently widely presented in the energy sector that deprives transition to alternative energy sources of the major opportunities. The power system of the future gives us the chance to work in a different way.

Dear friends! Do not miss an opportunity to become a part of our most relevant discussions during the session. And Celia Garcia-Banos’s performance – will be one of the most relevant and in a trend of green economy.

On May 18 we will have a continuation of this conversation in the Center of green technologies Arnasay where we will organize aRound table with our guest!

Therefore, friends if you are interested in the announced subject, then you can be with us on the second day. For this purpose you need to address the coordinator Gulyaim Tolegenovna (Phone: 7701 351 4589, 7771 376 9189)

Lyazyat Askarov

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