Botagoz Turekhanova – member of the project team for the implementation of SDG-2030 in Kazakhstan

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Botagoz Kabykenovna Turekhanova, an experienced social researcher, is a key expert in the World Bank project “Increasing the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises,” head of the Research Solutions IP.

Botagoz Kabykenovna, as a specialist engaged in sociological research, analytical reports on a wide range of issues – and party-political and electoral, interethnic and interfaith relations, social issues of the country’s population, and cultural development, etc., accepted the invitation of the International Organization “Expo & Women” to the project “Involvement of civil society institutions in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan”

The expert study is one of the objectives of this project to enhance the involvement of the civil sector in the implementation of the 16th SDG.

Botagoz Turekhanova developed some positions of the planned expert study:

According to the methodology, expert survey as a form of sociological research has many advantages when it comes to complex topics that require a certain level of knowledge and training from the respondent. In this case, we are talking about studying the process of involving civil society in the process of implementing the tasks of the 16th UN SDG in Kazakhstan. In this regard, the expert survey will allow not only to test the expert opinion on this issue, but also to a certain extent to involve the expert community in the process of understanding and analyzing this issue.

Material prepared by Gulyai Zhakupova, project coordinator

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