Bibigul Khalel – Leader of SDG 5 “Gender Equality”: how gender works in the family, profession and social activity

“I want women to have equal opportunities for leadership at all levels”!

I ‘m a Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Mining Engineer. My specialty is “drilling oil and gas wells.” My wife and I raise six children. And I believe being a mom is a calling.

For myself I chose the profession of teacher of the university. She started teaching in Aktobe at Aktobe Polytechnic College. But a year later, I was fired, citing that I was conducting my discipline incorrectly. For that I am very grateful to the management of the college. Perhaps then I would have no incentive to go on to learn and receive degrees.

When my wife was transferred to work in the capital of Kazakhstan, I followed him. And I was accepted as a senior teacher at the private university Astana. And when we left for Aktau, I was entrusted with the position of dean of the petroleum faculty at the university.

A little later I decided to get a second higher education as a psychologist teacher. My choice was not accidental, I wanted, as my mother, to help other families raise children more professionally. Another reason for receiving this diploma for me was that at the moment I am the coordinator of the Center for Family Preservation, which is located in the recently opened wonderful center “Anak a Tazy.”

The centre was opened on 15 May 2019. Here, married couples can receive free assistance from a psychologist and mediators to resolve intra-family conflicts Here are the first results: in 4 months 164 families addressed us, and as a result – more than half of them took their applications for divorce E. Our center immediately began to expand: in July 2019 we opened the office of the Family Preservation Center in Kargalinsky district E. Now we plan to open such centers in each district of Aktobe cloud

Unfortunately, for such centers very high demand among family couples. The biggest problem for married couples is the inability to express their needs. Very often it turns out that the spouses do not talk to each other. Sometimes a couple comes to divorce, and in fact, there is no good reason for separation. Just there is no understanding. And when you sit down with them, you talk to them for two hours, they talk out, first one side, then the other side, it gets easier for them right away. We create the necessary platform for negotiations for the spouses, and this is very valuable.

I very much hope that in the future our centers will become centers of happy families where we will not deal with divorce problems, but will simply share the joys and successes of each other! Another important area of activity for me is work in the public association of active women “Erke” in Aktobe. I am its chairman. What does our OO do? We promote family values and support gifted children from low-income families who cannot pay for their studies in universities or colleges. But we have a lot of plans ahead of us!

I invite active women to join us! I believe women can do a lot! I have recently been honoured to be the Leader of the Sustainable Development Goals on the theme “Gender Equality.” And we want our GS to contribute to gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. Which means we will work to ensure that women have equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in the political, economic and public life of our country. It is a global UN programme that involves women from all countries. And this is now known to many of our Kazakhstanis thanks to the Forums of Rural Women of Kazakhstan, the delegate of which I was lucky to be in 2019

Among our tasks is to promote concrete implementation of the Concept of Family and Gender Policy adopted in Kazakhstan. I believe that all residents of the villages should know about it: both men and women. Without our men it is impossible to implement many provisions of this program. This I can prove on the example of my family: without the support of my husband and ata-ene I would not have been able to achieve such success. For our children, we must also be an example of a family model where equal access and equal opportunity for all and in everything.

Author: Bibigul Khalel, Aktobe region





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