Beautiful features of the Forum of rural women of East Kazakhstan region

On July 12 the forum of rural women of the East Kazakhstan region and organizers of a forum took place

prepared several beautiful features! First, about everyone this celebration of six rural toilers who already reached old age and still work for the good of the small homeland and load all with the relation to work. We wrote about it in one their news. The deputy akim of the Asem area Bekovn Nusupov decided to make this beautiful ceremony of the first half of a forum in the beginning and it set the tone for all action at once. They received Certificates of honor from the mayor of area Akhmetov Daniyal Kenzhetayevich and an award on 100,000 tenges! All participants of a forum met them by applause. Heroines did not even expect such honor! They were moved to tears!

I think that thanks to the secretary of the regional commission on affairs of women and family population policy at the akim of the Almire Tolegenovne Zhumabayevoy area and its team they collected all photos of participants of a forum on all raayona and made banners with delegates. And it in a format of a slideshow was shown on the main LED screen of a forum. Konecho, it was a pleasant surprise for all participants.


The parade of nominees “History of my success” was in advance prepared too – about each of six speakers the video which accompanied their performance was prepared.

Generally there is a wish to tell that organizers in EKR approached a forum very responsibly and creatively! Say about it also participants of the Forum of rural women! We on the page in Fb placed about the course of a forum and responses on the air on July 12, 2019.





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