Bakytgul Yelchibaeva: how to implement SDG-16 in the village

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Shelek is one of the villages in the Enbekshikazakh district of the Almaty region, which has always been famous for the production of tomatoes.
The coordinator of the Auyl өнімі project in Almaty region, Yelchibayeva Bakytgul, is the Leader of SDG 17 “Partnership for Sustainable Development.” This status is realized by Bakytgul Kazezbaevna, developing a partnership on the horizontal – with local residents, teaching them new green technologies and leadership. Since it improves rural life by stimulating residents to actively engage in agriculture, it teaches farmers innovative growing technologies and promoting their own products.


Women in her village study willingly at the “School of Successful Rural Women,” and among those who studied, Bakytgul selected those who want to take part in planting tomatoes in their household plots and earn money on it.


For women, members of CCP “Chilika Farmers” have grown seedlings, each woman is assigned experienced farmers, who will teach all the bases of drip irrigation and basic rules for growing tomatoes, as well as advise on the course of the project.
Currently, they have carried out preparatory work and distributed 10 women free of charge 1,500 pieces of tomato seedlings for 3 acres of land of a personal household plot. They also installed drip irrigation, women themselves planted tomatoes in the ground.


From one bush we expect up to 5 kg of tasty and healthy tomatoes that they can sell.
This is a family affair in which children also take part. The most important thing is hard work and follow the recommendations of farmers!

As you can see, in fact, this activity shows how to implement several Sustainable Development Goals at once in everyday work – for example, and SDG 1 “Combating poverty,” SDG 2 “Combating hunger,” SDG 5 “Gender equality,” SDG 13 “Combating climate change.” Thus, each of us can make the UN Global Goals his own – and thus contribute to improving the quality of life, and therefore to transforming our world!
We urge everyone to support such a reason Bakytkul Yelchibaeva!

Material prepared by Ainagul Pralina

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