Awardees of the nomination «Story of my success»

The First Forum of rural women of Kazakhstan “Contribution of women of Kazakhstan to sustainable development of rural areas”, held on November 7-8, 2018, became a serious resonant event and contributed to the strengthening of social, public and entrepreneurial activity and motivation of women, and will contribute to the implementation of a special project «Village-cradle of the country». According to the Concept of the Forum, one of the main events was honoring the delegates of the forum, among which the nomination “My success story”, to which each region presented its delegate, stood out. They were 14 best women from all regions of Kazakhstan. Information about each of them was posted on the website. 14 winners of the nomination “Story of my success” these days became the real heroines of the Forum. Each of them is unique in its professionalism, commitment to innovative ideas and attitude to the people around them. Their success stories have become and can be an inspiring example for many of us. It is dedicated to them our new section on the site.

  1. Akhmetsalimkyzy Aelita- «The best leader of farm»
  2. Alekseeva Nadezhda Grigor’evna- «The best leader of social facility»
  3. Abitaeva Galia Adilovna- «The best leader of family business»
  4. Aupova Samal Nazhmidenovna-«The best leader of district CSC»
  5. Voroncova Aleksandra Sergeevna-«The best leader of educational organization»
  6. Demidova Irina Valer’evna-«The best leader of family bisuness in AIB»
  7. Zhamankulova Gulsara Myrzabekkyzy-«Green» leader in AIB»
  8. Zhanalieva Ulmeken Shanaykyzy-« The best leader of rural NGO»
  9. Zhainbaeva Nursaule Aisagalievna- «Green» leader in AIB»
  10. Mauteeva Svetlana Burkhanovna-«Green» leader in AIB»»
  11. Miluk Tat’yana Kazimirovna-«The best mayor of rural district»
  12. Sagyngalieva Saya Bazaralykyzy- «The best youthful leader »
  13. Taishekenova Ryskul Lekerkyzy- «The best leader of social facility»
  14. Tel’pekbaeva Zhanna Tleybekovna- «The best leader of educational organization».


Ryskul Taishekenova- hardworking, responsible for their work, the doctor of the village marm Makat

The head of state in his Message” New opportunities for development in the conditions of the Fourth industrial revolution ” noted the need to integrate information systems in the field of health care, increase the availability of medical care through the use of mobile digital applications, the introduction of an electronic health passport, transfer to a paperless hospital.

In this regard, in the Central district hospital located in makatsky rural district of Atyrau region where I work, devices for transition to the uniform information system were installed, electronic registration for medical reception, electronic queue, registration of newborns was carried out. In General, the rural hospital provides affordable care to 27478 residents. Currently, the number of doctors working in health care has reached 35, of which 66% are women. In the period from 2016 to 18 years, 10 young professionals arrived with a graduate in the village, they were provided with service apartments from the government. Due to the increase in life expectancy and the increase in demand for medical services — the types of services have changed significantly. The state program “Health”, approved for the further development of health care, also States that the current health should not be directed to expensive hospital treatment, but mainly to the prevention of diseases. Specialists trained at the clinic healthy children’s classrooms and teach the young mothers and the local health workers how to care for a child, cooking additional meals, breastfeeding. In the rehabilitation center, opened for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities and newborns with congenital malformations, all conditions, speech therapy simulators, propulsion systems, dry sauna-all great opportunities to improve the viability of patients. Day care unit of semi-stationary type-created with the support of the district organization of employment and social programs to create conditions for the care, recreation and development of children with disabilities. Family planning offices are also decorated with illustrative illustrations necessary for the prevention of maternal and child health, created opportunities to obtain the necessary information for mothers of any reproductive age, as a result of family planning and schools of young mothers have improved demographic indicators, the health index of pregnant women, postpartum complications. Health schools have been opened for 9 types of diseases, which implies the prevention of non-communicable diseases, self-monitoring of the patient for the stages of excitation and complications of chronic diseases, which are registered by the doctor. Treatment quota allocated to medical care in the cities of Almaty, Astana, is available. That’s how today our rural medicine-participants of the forum. I am convinced that the future of health care in the way of the nation’s health will develop.


«We must bear the name of the proud – akims of rural districts»

We, women, tend to pay attention to the various coincidences that occur in our lives. We like a little mystify, I want to feel the support of the higher forces in our lives. Here and in my life there are coincidences that I regard as signs of destiny. I was born in an international family: my mother is Kazakh, my father is Polish. And I was born on May 1 – the Day of unity of the people of Kazakhstan, and before it was called – the day of solidarity of workers. I consider work to be the main thing in my life. And, perhaps, it is not by chance that I was lucky as a member of the Akmola Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, to be on the Presidium of the 26th session of the Assembly, next to the President of our country, and read out an address to the people of Kazakhstan. My son was born on March 22 – in Nauryz. According to my mom, I was born at 0 hours 45 minutes, and maybe that’s why I became a teacher. I have two higher educations: the first – pedagogical, the second – state and local management.

In 1989, I began working as a primary school teacher, Deputy Director for educational work and worked at the school for 10 years, 5 years as a chief specialist inspector in the district Department of education, 5 years in the Esil district maslikhat, first as the head of the organizational Department, and then as the head of the apparatus. Agree that 10 and 5 – digit numbers. I became the mayor of the rural district on December 1, 2009, so December 1 is for me the Day of the first President of our country and at the same time the day of summing up the work and planning the future.

Now Zarechensky rural district is one of the best in the Akmola region, annually within the framework of social responsibility of business about 100 million tenge is invested in the social sphere of the rural district. All objects of social and industrial spheres of the district meet modern requirements. The welfare of rural residents is growing, new facilities are opening, the number of jobs is increasing, the number of small and medium-sized businesses is growing. I am a happy person, because on my way of life there are very good and caring people. I would have achieved nothing if not for the constant support of my parents, my family and friends. Zarechenskiy district would not be so if not for the Director of “Zarechny” Ualikhan Aripov, Sapievich with his boundless dedication and love for people. For him, the social responsibility of business is not just words. I am convinced that only through teamwork, you can achieve the best results. By analogy with the Republican Project initiated by the Head of our state N. Nazarbayev in the district in April – May 2018, the Project “10 new faces of Zarechny” was implemented. Candidates were nominated by public councils, institutions and enterprises of the district, the vote was secret. The winners of the Project were the residents of the rural district, who achieved certain results in various fields of activity: agriculture, sports, culture, education, social activities. Thus, we could declare the accomplishments of our zarechentsev, to show everyone how you can become a successful person. We, women-akims, have one main advantage over men – akims: we are Women, we are mothers, we are the keepers of the hearth, ” Auyl – cradle of the country! these words of Nursultan Nazarbayev are fundamental for me in my work.  After several months of work as akim I had a poem, which is dedicated to all the akims of rural districts.

Not according to the calculation by calling,

The call of your own soul

Came to serve our people,

Instead of sitting in a dull silence.

And it is within our competence

Housing stock, water supply,

We must know the law,

And all the livestock.

For everyone and everything, because people are different,

Find many warm words.

Such here is have us duties

Akims of rural districts.

Everyone says we should

For all on light of respond,

And for taxes, and for holidays,

And once a year report to keep.

For us, there is a primary goal,

In order to better the lives of the villagers were,

To have lived without regret

In the village.

We wish you good health,

Big wins, good words,

We must bear the name of the proud – Akims of rural districts.

My way can be passed by everyone loving the edge, the native earth, wishing and able to work not for the sake of career. I am happy that I live in a country of equal opportunities, where only work is a measure of success.


“Women of Syrdarya district” jubilee actions of public association

«Golden cradle, native land» as our nation say.  In the framework of the program ” Direction for the future: Spiritual kindling” the Head of state says that our traditions and the will of the ancestors, today are of great importance. That is negen the temple of spirituality and agriculture, the deterioration of the village in a difficult period of market relations. However, on the basis of the balanced policy of the Head of state, the situation of villages has improved. For example, the village of our district is not less than the city. Including called a village by Ilyasova N. leads the country. I want to say that, following civilization, villages should carry out the preservation of Kazakh traditions in this environment. For four or five years we have introduced the tradition of telling young mothers the cradle. In addition, the

“School of young mothers” operates under the public association “Women of Syrdarya district” headed by me. In the current stage, “Rouhani gear” the area has become a tradition to hold batagianni competitions and other events at the tradition. «Woman one hand shakes the cradle, the other hand the whole world» says popular wisdom. Because we in the area have mothers who, by the way, in the same moral business. Public association “Women of Syrdarya region” organized a competition of forgotten national dishes. In the village Kogalykol was organized the cooking contest «Kazakh Kazanjappaiyn. There was also an event dedicated to the closing of the bank” «One day of summer, a short feed», teaching young mothers how to make kurt, cheese, make kazy. In order to promote and popularize families with twin children, an event was held in the “Gemini parade” area. Round table “Strong marriage-the foundation of the state”, dedicated to the growth of demography in Kazakhstan, the preservation of family stability, was an event for young families.

Family handle, the light of life is woman. I wish you a dignified, prosperous and prosperous country. The “Forum of rural women”, which is being held today for the first time, will certainly give all women the opportunity to contribute to the civilized development of the country.

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