1. General provisions

1.1. This Regulation defines the procedure and rules for holding the Republican contest “ЦУР-2030: CONTRIBUTION OF KAZAKHSTAN TO ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS” (hereinafter – the Competition).

1.2. The organizers of the Competition are the Coalition for Green Economy and Development G-Global, the Association of Environmental Organizations of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Economy of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan, the Coca-Cola company.

1.3. The following basic concepts are used in the Tender Regulation:

1) competition – competitive procedures for the selection of projects;

2) application – documents and information of the established form required for participation in the competition;

3) applicants – representatives of mass media of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4) expert commission – a commission consisting of experts in the field of thematic directions of the Competition, which select the applications of the Competition;

5) The jury of the competition is the jury that considers and approves the results of the expert commission.

2. Objectives and objectives of the Competition

2.1. The objectives of the Competition are the involvement of representatives of the media (hereinafter – the media) in the coverage of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (ЦУР-2030) and the participation of wide circles of civil society in the achievement of Kazakhstan’s goals and indicators of ЦУР-2030 related to the green economy.

2.2. Objectives of the Competition:

Hold the republican contest “ЦУР-2030: Kazakhstan’s contribution to the achievement of sustainable development goals” with the participation of representatives of the media for the best work on the implementation of sustainable development goals.
To familiarize citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the achievements of indicators of targets and indicators of ЦУР-2030, through materials published in the media.
3. Conditions of participation in the competition

3.1. Bidders:

Journalists of all Kazakh media of republican and regional levels are invited to participate in the Competition.

3.2. Topics of works provided:

best newspaper article
Best Radio Transmission
Best Online Content
best TV show
best TV set

3.3. Materials are accepted in various genres: (essay, interviews, articles, television and radio broadcasts, journalistic investigations and others), published and aired from February 12, 2020 to October 1, 2020, as well as cycles of publications and broadcasts.
3.4. Requirements for materials submitted to the tender. Works shall be submitted to the Organizing Committee of the tender no later than the deadline specified in the announcement. Materials that do not correspond to the subject matter of the competition, the requirements, as well as those received after the deadline for submission, are not allowed to the Competition. Materials submitted to the Competition are not returned.
4. Notices of Competition
4.1. The organizers of the Competition publish the announcement of the Competition on the websites of the Organizers of the Competition and partners, as well as in other media.
4.2. The tender information contains the following information:
1) contacts of the Contest Organizers (city telephone numbers for references, electronic and postal addresses);
2) deadline for submission of applications for participation in the Competition;
5. Procedure of Jury and Expert Commission
5.1. The jury consists of the Chairman and members of the jury in the number of at least nine people.
5.2. The Jury may include representatives and founders of the media, the Club of Editors-in-Chief, representatives of state authorities, international organizations and the public.
5.3. The Registrar of the Jury shall not be a member of the jury and shall not have the right to vote when making decisions.
5.4. To evaluate projects of a certain direction, experts of the relevant competence can be invited, without being included in the jury, by decision of the chairman of the jury.
5.5. Members of the Jury shall not be entitled to disclose confidential information about the issue under consideration, which became known to them in the course of performing their functions, and also to use information that is not publicly available (insider information) for personal purposes, if this may harm the Organizers of the Competition and applicants.
6. Procedure for acceptance and consideration of applications for participation in the Competition

6.1. The contest accepts the works that took place on the air, on the radio and published in the print media in the period from January 1 to October 1 of this year. Information about the competition will be held on the websites of the Organizers ( The best works at the end will be published on the websites of the Organizers.

6.2. The Expert Commission determines the winners of the competition from October 1 to November 1, 2020.

6.3. awarding winners within the framework of the III Forum of Rural Women of Kazakhstan on November 5-6, 2020

7. Requisition Requirements

7.1. Publications must be provided in the original or photocopy of the material (indicating the publication, date and contact details of the author);

7.2. Audiovisual works shall be provided with a copy of the television programme (CD/DVD, flash media);

7.3. Journalists of electronic media should send a copy of published materials confirming placement on the Internet site;

7.4. Materials are accepted in the state and Russian languages. The last day of receiving materials for the competition is September 20 of this year.

7.5. Execution of works:

1) Attached to the materials are: short biographical information about the journalist, photo of the journalist 3×4 see, list of information materials.

2) The materials submitted to the competition should highlight the results of the introduction of green technologies, the prospects of knowledge-intensive environmentally sound technologies and models of public consciousness of an environmentally advanced society of the future. Materials sent to the competition are not reviewed and are not returned.

3) The application for the competition is made in free form and should contain the following information: a short biography of the author (date and place of birth, education, work in the press, genre and thematic preference), a photo of the author (portrait, close-up) in the format of jpeg for placement on the Internet and booklet (in case of victory), contact address and phones (mandatory – valid e-mail address).

4) The application also indicates information about the media, the name of the publication, the city, circulation, frequency of release. Please indicate the place of environmental issues in the print edition (in which department the materials pass, or there is a specialization in “ecology.”) In the case of television and radio programs: the name of the channel or radio station, the type of broadcasting (cable or satellite, city social network), the date of the broadcast, timing, the name of the director and editor.

5) In the case of a tender material posted on the Internet site/portal: address on the Internet, from what year there is, thematic specialization, the name of the editor-in-chief and director of the Internet project. Attention: materials, printed or broadcast media, posted on the Internet “mirrors” of a newspaper or television and radio company, participate in the competition for the corresponding original nomination. The nomination “Internet” involves only those materials that do not have a printed or broadcast analogue.

In the case of the submission of material on Internet television or Internet radio channel for the competition, the application is made in the same way as in the case of broadcast media.

6) The publication in the newspaper (journal) is sent in scanned form, in PDF format. The material can also have a printout in word format and a link to publication on the Internet (for the convenience of the jury). At the same time, the material should clearly indicate the date of its publication. Unpublished works for the competition are not accepted or considered.

7) Broadcast materials are sent through file-sharing sites or various YouTube (for example,, with reference to their placement on the Internet.

8) It is possible to make a collective application, from the entire team that prepared this material for broadcast. The audio track must be in mono format. Any audio stereo formats are not desired. The broadcast certificate indicates: the name of the television company (television and radio company) and the channel, the name of the participant in the competition, the timing of the competition work, within the framework of which program the material was broadcast. Names of the editor, director, cameraman. Contact information about the media, the presence of a “mirror” Internet portal.

9) The certificate of the film indicates: the name of the film, the time of its creation, the purpose of creation (especially for the competition, television, film distribution). Full name of the author of the film, timing of the film, the names of the screenwriter, director, leading characters, cameraman. Contact information.

10) Materials on the air are sent according to the same rules. What and television materials. The broadcast certificate indicates: the name of the radio station, the name of the author of the program, the timing of the competitive work, within the framework of which program the material was broadcast. Names of the editor, director, cameraman. Media contact information.

8. Procedure for selection stages

8.1. Consideration of the Tender Applications shall be carried out by the Jury. The format of the selection stage shall be determined at the discretion of the Tender Organizers.

Information on the format of the selection stage Organizers of the Competition post on their websites after completing the collection of applications.

8.2. Bids are evaluated according to the tender criteria.

9. Summing up the contest

9.1. The finalists of the competition are awarded diplomas and letters of thanks. Winners of the Competition are awarded diplomas and cash prizes.

9.2. The results of the Competition within 10 working days shall be drawn up by the Jury protocol. The results of the Competition are posted in the mass media and/or on the website of the Contest Organizers no later than 5 working days from the moment of its registration.

9.3. Applications are not refundable and are stored with the Organizers of the Tender. for all available questions, please contact the press secretary of the Coalition Abdaliyeva Meruert +7 778 456 09 99


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