ASSEL AYAPOVA — women operating drones —SPEAKER of AEF-2019

Asel Ayapova is the director of the global innovative program for development of use of drones in AES corporation, the speaker of the “Women in Science, Innovations and Business” session in the AEF-2019 program in the TEDx format.

“My purpose — to be a harmonious personality and to have balance in all areas of life. The slogan of life — it is continuous development. Qualities — Leadership, Optimism and emotional intelligence. I believe that women can direct construction projects in Power. Any of us in Kazakhstan can become a head in the big company abroad. The woman if desired can combine family and career” — these words about herself, as well as possible, reflect the main vital postulates of the bright speaker of our session Asel Ayapova.

Asel is the girl from the rural region who became the head of the global company on robotics in 17 countries of the world. The third year she is heading purely men’s department at head office of AES Corporation in the city of Arlington (USA). At our session she will share the secrets of how she managed to reach such heights.

Quite recently, on May 3 in Chicago, on the largest action of year for Robotics and AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019 Drones, Asel directed a discussion on involvement of women in a high-tech industry, attraction of bigger number of girls in science and technologies through an education system and house education. She is also ready to share the councils for these questions with participants of a session. Especially it will be useful for teachers and parents to listen, discuss it.


Along with outstanding career, heroine of our session is a mother of three kids. To USA Asel moved with small baby, but it did not prevent her to achieve improbable progress and even to become face of the company of AESPO of the version of GOOGLE. At our session Asel will open a secret — how to keep balance between career and family?


Do not miss on May 17 an opportunity to get acquainted with the brilliant speaker Asel Ayapova on our session “Women in Science, Innovations and Business” in the hall of Plenary sessions on 1 floor of the EXPO Congress center. We will wait for you!

Authors: Lyazyat Askarova and Sholpan Esmukhambetova



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