“On 7 April 2020, on World Health Day, the world will celebrate nursing and obstetric workers. On this day, we remind leaders around the world of the important role that this category of medical workers plays in protecting the health of the world ‘s population. In addition, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of health workers is increasing, which is the main pillar in the fight against the disease. The UN assists medical institutions and institutions around the world, “- such a decision is made by the UN in connection with this day in the UN calendar.
For the third month, the well-being of our world depends on mediationist workers! It was on their shoulders that the brunt of this terrible pandemic lay. Even the facts that only in Kazakhstan one in five patients with coronavirus – a medic, are very disturbing and once again emphasizes their vulnerability.
What can each of us do to support these courageous people?
Not to be ill! Protect yourself and your family! To meet quarantine conditions! And that means creating fewer problems for health workers! It will be the best support for them.
Let ‘s each of us express words of recognition to people wearing white robes on this day!

Author Lyazat Askarova

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