ALMA MATER. A multimedia creation of Yuval Avital

ALMA MATER is the extraordinary new multimedia creation of Yuval Avital: a 1200 square meters allegorical scene which unites tradition, technology, art, sound, design and crafts evoking the ancient feminine symbol of motherhood. Alma Mater is an artwork, a forest made up of 140 loudspeakers that diffuse hundred of voices, chants and whispers of grandmothers from all over the world combined with sounds of the feminine archetype in nature – seismic vibrations, volcanoes, sounds of oceans and waters – in the sound score, produced in collaboration with international centers of research and musicology.

Alma Mater is a journey to our origins, ideally represented by an original version of the foremost artwork “Il Terzo Paradiso” by Michelangelo Pistoletto, created specifically for this project. The poetic and meaningful light design of the installation was created by Enzo Catellani (Catellani&Smith).

Completing the multi-sensorial experience is the legendary stars’ return onto the ballet scene: Liliana Cosi and Oriella Dorella, who shaped the history of Teatro alla Scala, gracefully dance in video projections in the live presence of local lacemasters, weaving thread through their bobbins to create an unexpected lacework.

Alma Mater will be a catalyst for numerous concerts, workshops, discussions and other events which will take place during the entire duration of the installation.

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