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Expo & Women this year is the executor of the project “Involvement of civil society institutions in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan,” implemented with the grant support of the Civil Initiatives Support Center of the Ministry of Information and Public Development of Kazakhstan. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-2030) according to the UN Resolution of September 25, 2015 and ratified by Kazakhstan.
Within the framework of the project, a number of activities are being developed on the theme of SDG-2030 and in general and Goal 16, “Peace, justice and sustainable institutions.” One of the main tasks is to organize seminars online with the participation of representatives of civil society, experts and interested state bodies on the implementation of the 16th UN SDGs in Kazakhstan on the following topical aspects: strong institutions, open government and combining the potential of state and public structures for the subsequent creation of favorable opportunities to achieve the SDGs. Thanks to the high professionalism and skillful approach of the project manager Askarova Lyazyat Kazhitayevna, experienced moderators-facilitators were involved to conduct trainings as moderators, speakers, experts, consultants, who effectively use the different possibilities of the online platform for conducting interactive seminars with feedback, in one word very professional, strong in their business coaching skills and even more deeply On June 17, 2020, the first online seminar has already taken place. To date, five seminars have already been held, at which from 95 to 145 people are present. Two, two and a half hours of online coaching takes place quickly and interestingly, as it is led by knowledgeable, professional and competent coaches. On our pages we have already introduced you, dear visitors to the site, to some of them.

Today we present to your attention one of the most active participants of our online seminars Aliya Kamidullovna Baizdrakhmanova. She is a candidate of psychological sciences, a specialist in the field of psychology of violence. Crisis psychologist, victimologist. Education: psychological and legal. More than 60 scientific papers on personality problems, including 30 scientific publications on violence. The author of scientific articles on bullying. Work experience: school, orphanage, colonies, crisis centers, boarding schools, “Hot lines.” Works with all forms of violence against children, including rape. The topic of her dissertation on school violence.


Here are some posts from Facebook pages: “We once again became convinced of the insecurity of Kazakhstani children (case in Satpayev).
The resonances with cases of violence against children up to the level of social rebellion reflect the weak link of the child protection system. While officials and the children’s ombudsman resolve legal issues, the child himself and his relatives depart from the shock of the trauma experienced, only the school can practically implement the issue of psychological safety at the preventive level. The lessons of “Self-Knowledge” introduced earlier, despite the high spiritual part, are insufficient in practical content, since they do not correspond much to the mastery of self-homosexuality techniques in cases of violence, acute stress, and quarantine.
It is necessary to introduce “Security Lessons” into Kazakh schools, at least at the optional level, 2 times a month, where you should teach the skills of resilience of schoolchildren, understand that violence must be talked about, be able to be mentally strong, technically help children acquire survival skills in this unpredictable world. The result of psychological education for parents should be mandatory. Can be a mobile app in phones and other gadgets. ”

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Опубликовано Алией Байздрахмановой Суббота, 25 июля 2020 г.


On July 24, 2020, Alia Kamidullovna published a post on Fuisbuk’s page on the situation of violence against children:

“Lifelong castration and chipping to pedophiles.”
Another child pedophile victim.
The end of the edge is not visible. Violence loves silence. I know what I’m talking about and writing. My clients are victims of violence, different in type and content. Total one in their psyche-trauma for life.
I attend a nursery colony as a scientist and practice with young psychologists. Young convicts and among them psychopaths 90%, who are capable of sexual violence without regret and guilt. To some subjects, we put the forecast unfavorable. This means that after serving his term, he will again continue his path as a rapist..
What should I do? From the moment of adulthood, put chips, former and now convicted with the article violence, murder and attempted abduction as a member of the “risk group.”
Castrate and chip and take this procedure already in the children’s colony for control. Forever with the chip.
Only in this way will we protect the children. ”


Theme “Protection of children’s rights. Bulling “is one of the main topics of our seminars. In one of the upcoming seminars, we will see Alia Baizdrakhmanova as a speaker.

Author of the selection: Zhakupova Gulyaim

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