Address by UN Secretary General António Gutteris on the occasion of Environment Day

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June 5 – World Environment Day, or Environmentalist Day, is celebrated in almost all countries. This holiday was established on December 15, 1972 at the initiative of the UN General Assembly in order to “draw public attention to the need to preserve and improve the environment.” The choice of date is also not accidental: on June 5, 1972, a special UN conference on the environment was held for the first time.

Although Ecologist’s Day is considered a professional holiday, we think it concerns the absolute every person on our planet! After all, we do not have planet B, we do not have a second life option! We call upon all to take greater care and responsibility in the protection of the environment!

We also invite you to get acquainted with the address of the Secretary-General of sOOH António Gutteris on the occasion of Environment Day! Here by reference there is a video series with treatment!

June 5, UN celebrates Environment Day

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Human health depends on the health of nature – reminds the UN on the occasion of World Environment Day

June 5, 2020

Climate change
The pandemic has COVID-19 shown the relationship between human health and the environment, and the damage that humans inflict on nature, on which their own well-being depends. This year, Environment Day, which is celebrated annually on June 5, is dedicated to the protection of biodiversity.

“At least 70 percent of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 come to us from the animal world. There is an urgent need to take measures to protect the environment and human rights, “said David Boyd, an independent expert on human rights and the environment, in a statement.

The world’s population has doubled over the past fifty years and the global economy has quadrupled. Experts recall that this led to the disruption of fragile equilibrium in nature and created ideal conditions for the spread of pathogens such as COVID-19.

On the occasion of Environment Day, UN Secretary General António Guterres emphasized that nature sends us a clear message: man damages not only the environment, but himself. According to the head of the UN, biodiversity is disappearing at an increasing pace, and climate disasters are happening more often. “If we care about the fate of mankind, we must take care of nature,” he said.

World Environment Day was established in 1974 to draw attention to environmental problems. Since then, it has been celebrated annually around the world with a series of events. They are designed to draw attention to the environmental problems that the planet is experiencing.

About a million species of plants and animals may disappear in the near future. This conclusion was reached by scientists as a result of large-scale three-year studies. More than 90 per cent of marine fish stocks are overfished; over the past thirty years, 28.7 million hectares of forests have been lost on Earth.

Today, countries are lifting quarantine restrictions and embarking on economic recovery. The UN urges governments to seize this opportunity and invest in green projects: expand the use of renewable energy sources, build clean housing and transport.



Today we celebrate World Environment Day, so let us unite to support and protect biodiversity to save our planet! #ForNature #InternationalEnvironmentDay

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11:35 – June 5. 2020
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Otherwise, as experts from the United Nations Environment Program warn, we will face a further increase in inequality, degradation of the planet and further loss of biodiversity.

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