Achievement of SDG 4 “Quality education” in Kazakhstan gets closer – news about it on the UN website

Kazakhstan leads in providing schoolchildren with access to the Internet – news under this name appeared on the UN website!

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All schools in Kazakhstan – even in remote rural areas – will be provided with high-speed Internet. And soon this country can become a regional leader in the implementation of such projects in the CIS countries.

This was reported today from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which together with the UN Children ‘s Fund (UNICEF) and the Government of Kazakhstan will participate in the implementation of the GIGA initiative aimed at providing secondary education schools with high-speed access to the Internet and the development of innovative start-ups. After completion of this project in Kazakhstan it is planned to extend it to other countries of Central Asia and CIS as a whole.

The GIGA initiative, which was launched in 2019, aims to ensure equal access to information and communication technologies for all people in different parts of the world. Today, approximately 3.7 billion people in the world live without the Internet. Among them – 360 million young people. Meanwhile, it is new technologies and the possibility of entering the World Wide Web that offer huge opportunities in the field of education, employment and leisure.

Kazakhstan has made notable progress in this regard. According to ITU official figures, more than 80 per cent of the population benefited from the Internet in that country, but on average the figures were not as high in the CIS area. They range from 21 to 81 percent. Kazakhstan is also a regional leader in the number of residents with computers, as well as in the availability of prices for Internet services.

UNICEF-ITU joint initiative to bridge the gap in Internet access between rural and urban school children And By the end of the year 1340 more schools in Kazakhstan will be connected to the high-speed Internet.

ITU and UNICEF announced a new initiative in Kazakhstan on the eve of the forum Digital Almaty: the digital future of the global economy in Almaty. The UNICEF representative in Kazakhstan Arthur van Disen stressed that the partnership with the Government of Kazakhstan is part of a large-scale project. It is it that should lay the foundation for new financing and partnership models.

“Cooperation with Kazakhstan will be crucial in bridging the digital divide in Central Asia and around the world,” – said the representative of UNICEF.

This week, the innovation adviser of the United Nations Children ‘s Fund (UNICEF), Christopher Fabian, who arrived in Almaty to attend the forum, discussed with the Government of Kazakhstan plans to open a UNICEF “regional centre” for the implementation of the GIGA initiative.




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