About international cooperation of IO “EXPO&Women” in the field of preparation for EXPO-2020 Dubai

During EXPO-2017 in Astana we have made important international connect, a number of meetings and negotiations with representatives of the international organizations were held. With active assistance of Embassy of Italy, personally the Ambassador of Italy in RK Stephano Ravanyan and appointed Goodwill ambassador of Expo&Women in Italy Elisabetta Lanfranca official visit of the personal representative of founder of Diana Brakko Fund – Mister Fabrizio Grillo has been organized.

I want to present “Milan for Expo-2015” Fund. It is the non-profit organization created in 2008 which participated as in actions which took place within EXPO-2015. The WE organization — Woman for Expo was also presented at Astana EXPO-2017 exhibition, participating in the II International women’s forum “Future energy: women, business and global economy” and also in actions of the Italy pavilion. The main objective of Fund is transfer of MODEL of STEADY CONSTANT HERITAGE from Milan, Italy to developing countries, promoting, supporting, stimulating and expanding development of talents. The fund is currently working on three thematic directions: “Heritage of EXPO” in partnership with Google Institute of culture, “Expansion of rights and opportunities of women” and other projects directed to support of future participants from Italy at the BIE exhibitions (Bureau of the international exhibitions) directed to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

As a result of our meetings the agreement on joint activity “Milan Expo-2015” Fund and IO Expo&Women has been reached upon a possibility of thematic cooperation on expansion of the rights and opportunities of women and achievement of SDG during the World Fair EXPO-2020 Dubai.

The following results are connected with advance of our initiatives in the context of preparation for participation of woman in EXPO-2020 actions.

After Saltanat Tumirkulovna Rakhimbekova’s meeting with the Ambassador of the UAE in RK Doctor Mohammed Ahmed Sultan Iza Al Jaber it was offered to support female initiatives on the international scale. It affected on his performance on the National Day Stage on the second day of the Forum with the words of a greeting and readiness of further cooperation in participation in International Dubai-2020 exhibition. He rendered his personal assistance in the organization of a special visit on this Forum of Madam Makha Al Gargavi, Director on the international participants and Madam Rima Ibrahim al-Hashemi, Managing Direktor’s representative of the Highest committee DUBAI WORLD EXPO-2020. Madam Rima Ibrahim al-Hashemi enters into top five hundred Arab women of the East and one of the first female heads of EXPO for all her history!.

On last days of EHRO-2017 Exhibition director of the Highest committee DUBAI WORLD EXPO-2020 Mister Najib Al Ali with delegation has arrived with the official visit on the closing ceremony. We have organized friendly negotiations, have acquainted with activity and plans of IO Expo&Women.

The final meeting of the International Pavilions’ Commissioners and friendly exchange of contacts on the last day of the EXPO-2017 exhibition became a good tradition. In closing day of EXPO Astana-2017 Ambassador of Expo&Women in Italy – Elisabetta Lanfranchi has organized such meeting in Samsung pavilion. The chairman of Presidium of Expo&Women Saltanat Rakhimbekova has expressed intention about continuation of cooperation on subject of Expo-2017″Future energy”  to Commissioners of Pavilions of the Republic of Angola – Cassessa Gandara, Holy See (Vatican) – Guido Trezzani, Italy, Abdul Ture, Italy – Marco, Federico Castaldi, Stefano Cani, Valeria and many other.

The thematic direction of Pavilions were similar: in Angola pavilion – “Energy in fight against poverty” and “Access to net energy as a way of economic development acceleration “; in Vatican pavilion – “Energy for general welfare: care of the common home”; Italy has a historical excursion in 40th years (comparison of the technologies which have consigned to past in power and the newest inventions).

Thus, participation of our organization together with the Italian side is very important for continuation of a mission for involvement of women from the whole world in work of the international innovative projects within EXPO. Now we are preparing a presentation for management of the Highest committee of DUBAI WORLD EXPO-2020 exhibition. Content of the presentation will reflect the following initiatives —Project of creation of the Female Innovative EXPO&WOMЕN Pavilion on EXPO DUBAI-2020 and inclusions of the International Women’s Forum EXPO&WOMЕN in EXPO DUBAI-2020 plan which will pass under the slogan “We Create the Future by Connecting Minds”.

I express confidence that on this international platform for expansion of women’s opportunities and projects connected with SDG, the Kazakhstan women will play one of the leading positions!


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