A Guide to Saving the World for the Lazy from the United Nations

Dear friends! Achieving the Global Sustainable Development Goals is not necessarily very

Difficult and not for us! Look: even the United Nations is very easy! I invite you to visit this resource and you will understand that all these Goals are achievable! They are for each and every one of us!

You will easily enter these topics and start doing it without even getting off the couch – this is level one!

The second level is how to do it at home!

The third level is things that can be done beyond the threshold of the house!

Fourth – actions that you can do in the office and at work!

We all remember the tale of Antoine Saint-Exuperi about a little prince who urged us to stand up, wash and start cleaning the planet! Let ‘s remember her! And the UN ‘s guide to saving the world!

Project Manager: Lyazat Askarova






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