A brilliant example to achieve SDGs 1 “Poverty Eradication” from India

You know, sometimes the universe helps you!

And it is today on the First Day of the Global Campaign “Know Your Goals” on the spaces of Facebook I find such wonderful information! This act is the brightest example of the fight against poverty in one of the poorest countries in the world! Posting information about this on our website and Fb pages, I want to express my and I think our general gratitude and admiration for this person

https://techno.tviigetz.ru/daughter – the millionaire – left-in marriage-vmest/17/? fbclid=IwAR2XGTkCVDdnBIS3pbghhR4IC6rLx7TcvsNnWnqO4PYmFOxhgo8uYLkkhCo

While writing, there was an idea – to write about such actions and our compatriots! I know there are good examples!

Dear friends! I call for collecting and concentrating such information somewhere together! Let the whole world know about our good deeds! And that will be our contribution to the global transformation of the world!

Project Manager: Lyazat Askarova






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