Women – mayors in Kazakhstan

In October of current year will pass the First forum of rural women of Republic of Kazakhstan, our organization of МО “Expo&Women” became the initiator of that. Organizers of forum are the National commission in matters of women and to domestically-demographic politics at President RK, ULE “Coalition for a green economy and development of G – Global” and ULE “International organization of “Expo&Women”.

In decision of General Assembly of the UNO in resolution “Improvement of position of women in the rural districts” of October, 15 is annually marked the International day of rural women. And our Forum will be conducted on the eve of this day in support the many-sided role of rural women that play a ponderable role the production of food, in development of stability of rural districts.

In Message of President of Republic of Kazakhstan Н.Назарбаева of people of Kazakhstan “New possibilities of development in the conditions of fourth industrial revolution” 2018 year the considerable role of rural women is marked in intensification of agriculture, maintenance of quality and ecofriendlyness of products.

In all regions of our republic on major industries different spheres women-leaders, women-activists, work.

On Conception one of basic participants of Forum of rural women will be women – mayor of rural regions. Therefore within the framework of preparation to Forum we conducted independent analytical work on the exposure of amount of women – mayors in Republic of Kazakhstan.

So, a next picture turned out for us. There are 14 areas on territory of Kazakhstan. The greater amount of district mayor’s office is present in the Aqmola area – 17, in Almaty, Kostanay for 16, in EKR – 15. Less all district mayor’s office in the Kyzyl-orda area – 7, in Atyrau – 8.

Unfortunately, the women of mayor of areas are not present. Only 4 women hold a position of mayor of district from 146 mayor’s office of district value, that is only 3 %.

There are only 985 rural districts in all areas, them them 171 headed women, and it 17,3 %. And it on the whole makes happy!

What turns out in the cut of areas. We will begin with high indexes. Most women – mayor of rural districts are in the Aqmola area – 49 (22 %), in the north Kazakhstan area – 26 (21, %), in Pavlodar – 18 (20,6 %), Aktobe – 17 (16,3 %), Kostanay- 16 (17,7 %).

To our distressing, only on one woman -mayor of rural districts in Dzhambyl – 1 (7,1 %), in Mangyztau of area – 1, in the Karaganda area one woman mayor of rural district, hardly anymore in the Kyzyl-orda area – 3 (7,6 %), in the Atyrau area – 5 (13,5 %).

Pleasantly made Us happy, that was among women taking not simple business in the hands, are very young. Gratifying, that the youngest аким of rural district lives and works in Zhelezinsk district of the Pavlodar area – it Ibraeva Aziza Esentaevna (1990 year of birth) that manages the Kazakhstan rural district. We will on possibility inform of such women-leaders we would activity of that be proud of!

Numbers maybe, not quite exact, because not all informative web-sites were accessible on the real moment. It is a web-site of the South-Kazakhstan area, not all districts of the Karaganda area. But as soon as this information will be accessible, we will correct our numbers necessarily

Here incomplete picture of analysis about the amount of woman mayor on a mud flow on a republic.

We invite on the forum of the best women – mayors of districts and rural districts.

We prepare very serious and saturated by events Program, that will be not only useful to all but also will render effective influence on strengthening of role of agroindustrial sector that must become the new driver of economy in the conditions of fourth industrial revolution.

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