Unique project “When clowns cry”

This information is dedicated to activity of our pavilion – public fund “Aware adam”. Head of the fund Dinash Autalipova carry out vast amount of activities for families with special children who have some illness and disabilities.

During EXPO-2017 International Exhibition she has carried out in cooperation with International Organization “EXPO&Women” charity event for disabled children “SCO for children of Kazkahstan”.

“When clowns cry”

It was a simple Monday. Gray autumn weather with a drizzle and the boring wind howl created a sad atmosphere.  It is a quarantine office of one of the children’s medical centers of our capital. Here children with oncohematological diseases lie for several months.

A four-year old little boy knew that a painful procedure will be made to him and his mother was trying to distract his attention. At one moment a door opened and little boy saw a bright yellow head. It was a clown. He started smiling and steadily his smile has outgrown into a laugh. At that moment he forgot about his illness and about the upcoming painful procedure.

It is a real story from life of the hospital clown. The director of PF “San Adam” which is engaged in the socio-cultural project “Hospital Clownery”, Dinash Autalipova has told about how to work in this level on a grant basis and how to gain from it a pure pleasure. Dinash’s profession is director of cinema and television, however her main calling is in helping children with illnesses.


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