18-year-old boy developed low-cost technology CO2 capture

Even given the rapid pace of change in the field of renewable energy sources, the world still produces the vast majority of its capacity at the expense of fossil fuels: at the moment this amount is more than 80 percent.

18-year-old Tanovic (EthanNovek) is working on technology that would allow us to burn fossil fuels without affecting the climate change, which will give us time to setup more systems using renewable energy sources.

Its developed carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology stands out from the rest as the price of CO2 absorption is approximately $ 10. US dollar per metric ton is 85% less than the cost of standard industrial methods.

The discovery that led the young schoolboy to revolutionary technology, Novek made in the chemistry laboratory in high school.

Normally, CO2 capture technology is based on the use of a substance such as amine, which selectively reacts only with CO2, avoiding other gases. Then the resulting substance is heated to the destruction of the chemical bond, in the process of greenhouse gas is released, which can be processed into various products. But the price of the amines used is quite high, and it takes a lot of heat to break this connection.

Opening a new Product can solve these problems.

In his school laboratory, Novek planned to use a technique known as salting urea to produce nitrogen fertilizer. He realized that he could actually use the process to extract and capture CO2 after burning fossil fuels.

Here’s how it could work: at a fossil fuel plant, exhaust gases could be fed into a mixture of water and ammonia. This reaction releases inert gases such as oxygen when ammonia reacts with CO2 to form salt. The solvent can create a backlash: the salt is returned in CO2 and ammonia. Distillation can separate the mixture of ammonia and solvent so that each component can be recycled.

And CO2 can be used to create chemicals such as acetic acid or synthetic gas. This CO2 capture process requires 75 percent less energy than before.

Novek has attracted the attention of a Professor at Yale University Managementonline (MenachemElimelech), and with other scientists at Yale University they presented a study published in the journal of EnvironmentalScience&TechnologyLetters last year.

Novek recently founded InnovatorEnergy, and developed a pilot plant that could use exhaust gas from a chemical plant or power plant, capturing up to 1 ton of carbon emissions per day.

The material was prepared by Assel Musimbi



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