17 the closing day of the global SDG-2030 action! GOAL 17: Partnership for sustainable development

SDGs 17 Strengthening the means of implementation and revitalizing the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

In the view of the United Nations, long-term investment, including foreign direct investment in critical sectors, especially in developing countries, is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. These include investments in sustainable energy, infrastructure and transport, and information and communications technology. Many CIS countries receive financial development assistance from Russia. The largest recipients are Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Tajikistan. Russia spent $1.2 billion to help its foreign partners. Mainly Russian assistance is directed to write off previously issued debts. Thus, in June 2017 Kyrgyzstan was written off a debt of $240 million.

The world has a plan with 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which all countries intend to implement by 2030!


SDG 17 aims to increase investment in sustainable energy, infrastructure, transport and information and communication technologies in developing countries, enhance cooperation and knowledge sharing in science, technology and innovation, increase developing country exports, enhance global macroeconomic stability, and strengthen the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

Each of us can help achieve this Goal. What can you do?

Learn a foreign language
Be interested in the culture and art of a variety of countries
Become an international volunteer, go to developing countries
Advocate policies that lead to universal prosperity, not focus only on personal or national interests
Tell your environment that your country has committed to the Sustainable Development Goals
Let us make sure that as many people as possible possess everything necessary for a prosperous life! Learn more about Goal 17 on @openshkola Open School for Sustainable Development!


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