Candidate for the status of Leader of the SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Settlements”









Friends! Today’s acquaintance is a candidate for the status of leader of SDG 11 “Sustainable cities and settlements” – akim of Koksu rural district of Kerbulak district in Almaty region. I bring to your attention the theses from the Concept of its activities:

My concept as akim of the rural district is to promote the development of competitiveness of Kazakhstan by ensuring the implementation of state policy in the district and the implementation of measures aimed at improving the socio-economic development of the district.


Information, analytical, organizational, legal and logistical support for the activities of the akim of the rural district. Information support of program documents and annual messages of the President to the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Development of annual, semi-annual, strategic plans for the main socio-economic indicators. Development of infrastructure of the rural district (lighting the streets of the village of Koksu, asphalting the streets of the villages of Koksu, Beriktas, repair of the access road of the village of Kosagash, repair of water supply networks of the villages of Kosagash, Koktal, Beriktas, etc.)
Assistance in the socio-economic development of the district. Improving the living conditions of the population, providing social support and promoting employment.


Improving the quality of work of the district akim’s office as part of the creation of a new generation of state managers. Further development of Local Government.

More details about SDGs 11 “Sustainable cities and settlements” can be found on the website:



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