16 Day of Global Action SDG-2030 “Know Your Goals.” Goal 16: Peace, justice and effective institutions

SDG 16 “Promoting a peaceful and open society for sustainable development, ensuring access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable and participatory institutions at all levels.”

Crimes that jeopardize the very foundation of peace-loving societies, including killings, trafficking in persons and other forms of organized crime, as well as discriminatory laws or practices, adversely affect all countries. Today, in Russia more than 700,000 people are in modern slavery, in Ukraine 280,000. More than 25% children between the ages of 5 and 14 were involved in employment in Kyrgyzstan. One third of prisoners in Russia are innocent. Russia is one of the leaders among the countries of the world in military spending.

The world has a plan with 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which all countries intend to implement by 2030!


SDG 16 aims to reduce the prevalence of all forms of violence, promote justice and ensure equal access to it, and reduce financial flows from arms sales. This goal also suggests that corruption must be reduced, transparent and accountable institutions must be established, public access to information must be ensured and fundamental freedoms must be protected.

Each of us can help achieve this Goal. What can you do?

Study and know your rights, know the constitution of the country
Be tolerant of the people around you
In a situation where you see human rights being violated, support it
Exercise your right to receive reports from elected officials, oppose abuse of power
Let us make sure that as many people as possible possess everything necessary for a prosperous life! Learn more about Goal number on @openshkola Open School for Sustainable Development


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